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Nylon and adjustable hip looking red, pink, black and yellow dog collar and leash, each sold seperately. This cute and fun collar is adjustable to the sizes shown below. It is a quality nylon collar made by BMB Pet and is called Metrocity.

The collar is red, pink, yellow and black as shown and is adjustable.

Three sizes are available.

Small is 3/8" wide and 8-14" long.
Small - $6.99

Medium is 5/8" wide and 14-20" long.
Medium - $7.99

Large is 1" wide and 15-26" long.
Large - 8.99

Metrocity Collar Size

Matching Metrocity dog leash as shown 5/8" wide and 5 feet long. (one size)

Dog Leash $9.99

Metrocity Dog Leash

MertroCity collar
Photo of Metrocity collar showing the red, pink yellow and black colloars.

Pattern from Metrocity collar
Close up of pattern
Colorful Leash by BMB PetMetrocity Leash