Shed No More fur

What is Shedding?

Virtually all dogs shed. Some breeds will tend to shed more than others. Outdoor dogs in many cases will grow a heavy winter coat, which they then shed in the spring and summer, whereas indoor dogs tend to shed year round. Some dogs will more noticeably show signs of shedding while others such as poodles or terriers coat’s can become matted and tangled.

Shedding is normal. It is triggered by hormones many times responding to exposure to sunlight and climactic changes. Shedding can also be caused by a lack of adequate diet and care. Excessive shedding can be unhealthy, cause pain & discomfort and lead to skin and health problems. Broken or damaged hair can lead to even more shedding. PetLabs 360’s Shed No More along with the adequate grooming and daily care routine will provide you and your pet the relief you need from non-seasonal and unnatural shedding.

Ingredients & Guaranteed Analsys

Proprietary Blend--------------225mg
(a powder complex of safflower, sunflower, flaxseed, borage, evening primrose & fish oils)
Lecithin Powder----------------150mg
Flaxseed Oil 50% Powder----50mg
Vitamin A---------------------------125iu
Vitamin D-3------------------------12.5iu
Vitamin B-1-----------------------.125mg
Vitamin B-2-----------------------.125mg
Vitamin B-6-----------------------.125mg
Vitamin B-12----------------------.002mg

Liver, Brewer's Yeast, Maltodextrin Beef Flavor, Cheese Flavor, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate

How To Use

Directions: Feed Shed No More chewable tablets directly to your dog or crumble and stir into food.

Gradually introduce Shed No More into your pet's diet over a 10-14 day period to avoid gastrointestinal upset. Initial results should be seen in 4-6 weeks.

Size of Dog ------------------- Serving
Less than 25lbs--------------- 1 tab daily
25-49lbs---------------------- 2 tabs daily
50-99lbs.--------------------- 3 tabs daily
Over 100lbs------------------- 4 tabs daily

To work, Shed No More must be fed daily, even during the seasonal shedding cycle. If Shed No More is discountinued, shedding will resume.

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